inflatable extender 6" & 12" / non-inflatable extender 4" & 6"


In Case, Regular Garment fits small, Patient can attach INFLATABLE EXTENDER w/ zipper easily. Unlike Non-Inflatable Extender, INFLATABLE EXTENDER is compressed by the same pressure as garment and also makes wider. (Non-Inflatable Extender makes only wider)

Extender can be attached by zipper to other extenders if needed. Patient may use as many extenders need to fit and compress with garment. Available extenders come in 6" & 12". (Example: Patient can put 6" & 12" together to make 18" wider)

INFLATABLE EXTENDER will compress and work effectively regardless of size of leg.

pull tab caps

Item No. 2100

(5 caps/ bag)

Inside Diameter of 5.26 mm and Inside Height of 12.7 mm and the integral pull tab design makes the cap easy to apply and remove